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Irrational Component

IIIА. Irrational-Reflective Class

This section includes irrational images reflected in the folklore of people which include religious beliefs. However, the mention of God in the folklore of both peoples is very common. Not all of them have an irrational meaning; in most cases, God means a real helper in practical matters. This class includes paroemia of a purely religious character.

Marvel – 150 Miracle – Marvel – 93
Fire – Water – 9
The soul hears – 5
164 (0,78%) 93 (0,32%)

The affiliation of the presented sections to the class of irrational images is very conditional, but these images themselves are fuzzy, however, it is clear that the irrational-reflexive share in the minds of both peoples is scanty, therefore, there is no reason to talk about the advantage of Ukrainians in this class.

ІІІB. Irrational-Evaluative Class

Superstition – 272 Superstition – 500
That's right (signs) – 195 Universe – 23
The sky and other things – 193 Mystery – Curiosity – 43
Secretly – 87 Search – Find – 115
Agility – 11 Elements – Phenomena – 54
Godsend – 11
Disappeared – 84
Oracular -6
Fortune-teller – 4
863 (4,10%) 735 (2,53%)

The inclusion of the "search-find" theme in this class, at first glance, is not entirely justified, but the author proceeded from the fact that there is always something mystical in the secret, and the search theme in collections is precisely connected with secrets. In this class, as in the previous one, the advantage is on the side of the Ukrainians.

ІІІС. Irrational-Reactive Class

God– 222 God – Faith – 283
Prayer – 63 Faith – Sin – 67
Sin – 57 Faith – Confession – 17
Taith – 14 Fanaticism – Split – 80
Church – 123 Fanacism – Hypocrisy – 75
Fast – 27
Fadting – 44
That world – 21
The Saints – 17
588 (2,80%) 522 (1,79%)

Also in the last class of the irrational component, the advantage is on the side of the Ukrainians. Ukrainians seem to be more religious than Russians, and the attitude of the latter towards religion is different than that of the former. Nikolai Kostomarov defined this difference as follows: "Ukrainians have more inner affection and understanding, Russians have more rigoristic practice."

Examples from Ukrainian and Russian folklore

         Ukrainian                                     Russian

As God wills, even the wet burns God gave, God took
Whom God loves, he punishes God will take away, God will give
Pray to God, but beware yourself The Lord's will is our fate
God sees from heaven what anyone needs Даст Бог день, даст Бог и пищу
Whom God creates, he will not put to death Pray, and beware of evil deeds
In what you have no taste, you have no sin Trust in God, but don't give up
God divides unequally, waiting to be shared On human stupidity there is God's wisdom
The man shoots, and God carries the bullets In this world we will suffer, in that we will rejoice
God punishes ин sin Not the horse carries but God
A wise man prays, but a fool cries God gives the way and the devil the hook
God forgives those who do not know what in is sweet, man is greedy
When the hay is in the stack, I forgot about God An angel helps, but a demon instigates
Adam ate a wild apple, and we have an astringency on our teeth Close to church, but far from God
As soon as we start fasting, nothing will be baptized The Russian people are not afraid of the cross, but afraid of the pestle
God help you, but don't lie down Live to serve God
God loves the lovings

It can be assumed that for Ukrainians, church authorities have more authority, and for Russians, secular ones. At the same time, according to Yaniv, the rigor of Russians is manifested in the understanding of God as a king and is logically associated with intolerance to dissent, which leads in a positive sense to intolerance against any manifestation of anarchy.

But in general, the irrational component in the national character of Ukrainians occupies more space than Russians (7.68% versus 4.64%).