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Saved by Conscience

An adventure story called "Saved by Conscience" was written literally in ten days after one of the conferences, which raised the issue of children's literature, in fact, about lack of good books for Ukrainian children of middle and senior school age. With a bit of free time at that time, I decided to try myself in the adventure genre. When the story was ready, it became a question of where it could be published. The story of the children's magazine, known to me, did not fit, because it specialized in literature for very small readers. Then I offered it another edition, where it lay in the drawer for three years, and I patiently waited for publication. Finally, "Printing Kunshti" publishing house took up the matter and, two years later, published a book at the expense of the publisher and the author, but its distribution through the bookshops was set off by the author himself. I do not have time for this, so I'm giving the story on my page, although not in the final version. Maybe someone will find it among a lot of other materials, read and give some assessment.

The story is based on the real events that took place in Western Ukraine in the first years after the Second World War. By the thesis of the author they are united into one plot about the salvation of the battleship of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, surrounded by a special detachment of the Soviet interior troops and state security (Ministry of Internal Affairs and MGB). Exit from the encircling is organized by a group of local children through the only traces they have found in the labyrinths of the Dniestrian caves. Saved fighters save local peasants from export to Siberia. The tale is for middle and upper school children.